Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Neighbor Spirit

I live in a duplex, and currently, the other half of our home is vacant.  Well, sort of.  Our neighbors moved out abruptly in December and for a few days things were quiet and calm.  Then along came this frustrating spirit that refuses to leave.  He started off just making noises every now and then.  I'd here a bang on occasion, a man's voice talking a few times a day, and when I would walk by the windows I could see his face staring back at me.

I didn't like him.  Not one bit.

There was something that made me feel uneasy about this spirit.  He was incredibly strong for an earthbound soul.  He was powerful enough to make a tremendous amount of noise and was bold enough to show himself to me daily.  He became restless in a very short amount of time and he made enough noise that my husband would hear and actually react to the loud bangs.  We both would hear him talking (yelling, really) when standing outside of the house, which would send my husband pacing around the perimeter of the home trying to pinpoint where this guy was.

A few people have been viewing the house next door and every time someone goes in there it seems to enrage this man.  So much so that he comes into my house and bothers me.  I've woken up three times to him kneeling over me while I am trying to sleep.  The last time he startled me so bad that I started screaming at him to get away from me and get out of my house.  Luckily, he went back next door, but unfortunately, I woke the whole house up that night.  My oldest cat saw him, hissed until he left, and then laid on top of me the rest of the night in a protective way.  When my animals start reacting I know a spirit has a lot of powerful energy.

Frankly, he scares me a bit.  I've experienced spirits like this before.  Most of them were in known haunted places (ahem, Waverly Hills) but there was one memorable guy that lived in my house in KY that frightened me.  He was the guy that physically pushed my dog and me down the stares.  Luckily, when I had to face that ghost, I had a wonderful friend in town that was able to help me cross him over.  This time around, I don't have that kind of help.  I'm worried about when someone moves in next door because he will cause problems there AND in my house.  I've been working up the courage to face him and cross him over completely.  It's just taking some time for me to find the bravery and strength to do so.  While I may have a lot of knowledge on dealing with spirits, I don't have all the answers.  I rarely get frightened by spirits, even the gruesome ones!  But every now and then, I get freaked out and intimidated.  I like to look at those times as a chance to learn and grow a bit.  I also am glad that I'm able to know my limits and capabilities and know when to say "I need help with this!"  It may come to that when I finally try to pass this neighbor guy over.  Help is ok.  In fact, it's welcomed.

Seeing the dead is an emotional roller coaster.  Most of the time it's a joyful and awe inspiring experience.  But every now and then it can feel like someone punched me in the stomach and then screamed "Boo!"  It can be startling and even painful.  Regardless of the emotions each encounter stirs up inside me, I always feel incredibly grateful for this gift.  It's not something I take for granted; scary experiences and all.   I will definitely have to maintain that perspective as I face my neighbor man soon.  Fingers crossed it goes smoothly!

Thank you for reading my blog.

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