Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Murder

When I drift off to sleep and enter dream state, it can go two ways.  The first is to have a really fun normal dream where my brain processes the past day and offers me some really great images.  The other is to have one of my “other dreams.”  My “other dreams” are when I communicate with spirits, enter different worlds, and even take on the identity of another spirit when they wish for me to experience what they went through.  In the last instance, they almost always turn into a death dream (when I experience a spirit’s passing in their attempt to gain empathy and understanding).  On this particular night I had a death dream.  It started off normal enough with me walking around a high school football game.  The place didn’t look familiar but I just went with it.  It was cold and I could feel the wind blowing through my thin jacket.  As I walked around, people greeted me and would say “Hey, Alice!”  I’d wave back and smile, and quickly started to realize I was having one of those dreams.  
I let out a huge sigh of exasperation and turned to walk out to the dark parking lot.  As I made it through the exit turnstile, I felt a large hand grab my left arm firmly and drag me to a black Toyota sedan.  Even though I yelled and demanded for this guy to let me go, his grip never loosened and no one came to my aid.  Within seconds I was shoved into the passenger seat, strapped in, and riding down the road.  I was shocked at how quickly things happened and that no one seemed to notice or care.  
I looked over at my kidnapper and was confused by his appearance.  He looked so normal.  He had short brown hair, big brown eyes, and a strong nose and chin that reminded me of a greek statue.  He even had a dimple in the center of his chin.  He was muscular, but thin, and appeared to be in his early twenties.  He looked so familiar.  I quickly snuck a glance at my reflection in the side view mirror and wasn’t at all surprised to see someone else’s face staring back at me.  I was still roughly the same height and weight but I was blonde, with long layers framing my face, and had almond shaped brown eyes.  My mouth was heart shaped and my nose was very small and turned up slightly.  My next thought was “Great.  Here we go again.
The speed of the car started to creep up higher and higher and my knuckles started turning white as I gripped the sides of my seat.  “Uh, you’re driving really fast.  Where are we going?” I asked in a tense, squeaky voice.  I received no response.  The scenery outside had changed from a small town to the woods.  The deep woods.  
The car bounced around on the dirt road and would occasionally swerve as my captor tried to avoid the bigger tree roots.  It was pitch black outside and all I could see were the trees directly ahead quickly whirring past us.  Then, the car started slowing down and finally lurched to a stop.  I exhaled loudly and loosened my grip on the seat.  
I turned back to look at this handsome man and waited.  He was so tense and angry.  His anger was stifling in the small car and I was confused as to why he was so mad.  Especially since it felt like it was directed at me.  I knew better than to say a word.  I would not provoke him.  Finally, after what seemed like hours, he spoke.
“Do you know why we are out here?”
“No…” I said shakily.
He nodded and asked “Do you need to pee?”
“Um, sort of.”
“You can go outside and go to the bathroom.”  He pointed toward a tree to the right of the car.  “Go behind that tree.”
“Ok.”  I fumbled with the door knob and willed myself to climb out of the car.  The sound of the door slamming shut made me jump.  I walked as quickly as possible to the tree and leaped behind it so that I was hidden from his view.  I reached for my cell phone that was hidden in my back pocket.  I put it under my shirt so the glow from the screen wouldn’t be as noticeable.  I tried to type 911 but kept having to hit the back space button since my hands were shaking so badly.  Finally, I got the numbers right and hit “SEND.”  
Then I heard the car door slam shut.  Again.
Next came the click-click sound of his gun.
And then came the sound of fire.  
The bullet hit my right arm.  I fell to my knees and dropped my cell phone in the leaves on the ground.  Blood was running down my arm and I knew I had to run.  I pushed myself back up to my feet and ran.
Unfortunately, he was just too close and too fast.  The ground seemed to stop abruptly and below was a ditch full of dirt, leaves, and twigs.  I turned around just as he kicked me.  The air escaped my lungs and I fell backwards into the ditch.  He jumped down after me and positioned his gun to the back of my head.  I raised my head a few inches off the ground and saw the spirit of the girl I was embodying.  I mouthed “HELP ME” to her even though I knew it was pointless.  I closed my eyes and heard that final bang.  Everything went dark and the fear and adrenaline slowly started to seep out of me.  
I stayed there for a while longer with my eyes closed until I heard the voices of two men.  My eyes snapped open and I was able to climb to my feet and stand up.  I saw the girl standing there next to me and she took my hand and pulled me back a few feet.  On the ground was my body; her body.  I was a spirit just like her.  We stood there and watched the police officers find our body.  They called an ambulance and more people came.  Sirens flashed, walkie talkies buzzed, and crime scene tape was put up.  It was all so surreal.
I realized at that moment that we had been murdered.  I turned and hugged Alice and whispered in her ear that I was so sorry for what happened to her.  I told her that I understood how frightened she was and that no one deserves that.  I asked her if she was able to find peace now that someone understood what happened to her.  She hesitated and nodded slowly.  We both smiled at one another and hugged once more.  She then walked away and disappeared into the woods. 

And me?  I finally woke up and sat in my bed while slowly trying to process what  had happened to me.  That last task wasn’t easy, I can assure you.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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