Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Haunted House That Just Won't Do

My husband and I have been doing the occasional house hunt in hopes of finding a different home to rent or buy that will suit our specific wants and needs.  A few months ago we went to view a house that we were sure was going to check every box off on our endless list of wants.  When we pulled up and walked through the gates I thought to myself "This place is PERFECT!"  The whole fenced in yard was gorgeous.  The garden was just what I was looking for.  And there was even a gazebo of sorts that we could eat our meals in.  I turned to look at the house and thought "That's a huge house."  I had no other thoughts at the time other than that.

We eventually walked through the front door of the house after spending way too much time admiring the outdoor spaces, and not once did I feel anything negative.  The main floor was light and airy and had so much character.  It hadn't been updated since the early 1950's and I adored all of the light fixtures and stone flooring.  When we were finished looking around on the main floor we decided to go upstairs.  

I walked up the stairs first, and it felt as if I had hit a brick wall.  The negative energy up there was so thick, and there were two spirits who were doing everything in their power to keep us from entering their floor.  There were only two bedrooms and one bath, but to these two spirits, it was their home.  No one was welcome in their eyes, including us.  I took a deep breath and pushed through all that energy to land on the top floor.

The two spirits were in the first bedroom we walked in to view.  I felt sick.  There was a male and female, and they seemed to be married.  They were in their late 50's or early 60's.  They were so angry and menacing.  I felt as if they would do us physical harm if they had the chance.  I blocked my son from walking into the room and tried to rush my husband into the other bedroom.  I made it clear to him that we needed to get off that floor fast.  He understood and we practically raced back down the stairs.  As we made it to the main floor, I heard the man spirit growl at us and yell in German.  The main point was for us to leave and never come back.  He gave me the creeps, the chills, you name it.  I wanted out of the house right then and there.

BUT, there was a basement we still hadn't viewed.  I sighed and made my way down the dark staircase into the cool basement.  I instantly regretted staying in the house.  Not only could I still hear the man upstairs yelling at us, I was also now being greeted by four creepy inhuman spirits.  They weren't like anything I had ever seen before.  They reminded me of gremlins, goblins, and Gollum from Lord of the Rings.  They were hunched, very thin, and their eyes were empty and hollow.  I thought I was going to throw up.

The creatures followed us around the basement hissing, mumbling under their breaths, and trying their hardest to envelope us in their negative, dark energy.  I felt light headed, nauseous, and my head was pounding.  I become grumpy very fast and snapped at my husband and the man showing us the house that I was done viewing the house and it was time to go.  They looked at me shocked (as they should be!) but they listened and reluctantly made it up the stairs and outside.

Once I could breathe and think clearly again, I turned to the man who owned the house.  "So what's the story?  Why are you selling?  It looks like no one's lived in the house for years."

His response didn't surprise me at all.

He told me no one had lived in the house in over a year.  He moved to Germany five years ago to work as a contractor.  His wife came with him and they bought this house.  While they lived in the house their solid, happy marriage took a crazy turn and they could no longer get along.  His wife left him, and unable to stay in the house because he was so depressed, he decided to rent an apartment while still paying for this house.

I nodded the whole time and so badly wanted to tell him why his wife turned on him, left him, and why he can't live in the house anymore.  It was the house, itself, and the spirits that reside there.  The thing that people don't realize is how spirits can affect our moods, personalities, and mental health.  They have the ability to make us moody, angry, depressed.  They can cause outbursts and even psychotic behavior.  And then marriages crumble, people do awful things, and/or the people have to move out of the house but have no idea why.

I wanted to explain all this to that nice man.  Unfortunately, he didn't know me and would more than likely think I was crazy.  And I could very well freak him out.  Instead, we left.  And as I climbed into our car and rode away, I became very certain of two things.  1. We were never moving into that house.  2. That house would never sell, and to the best of my knowledge, it still hasn't.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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