Monday, May 9, 2016

The Haunted Doll Experiment: Part 1

My best friend recently shared an article on my Facebook page about a haunted doll.  The article itself wasn't too memorable, but for some reason, I couldn't shake the concept of dolls that were haunted.  I know that spirits can become attached to objects (Um, hello, houses!) but I never really put any serious thought into the idea of dolls that had spirits attached to them.

On the same day that my friend shared that article, I sat down and started searching online for haunted dolls.  I mostly browsed Ebay and Etsy, and was shocked and amazed that there were so many dolls for sale that were supposedly haunted.  I mean, it was clear which ones were to be taken more seriously, and ones that definitely were not.  (I even saw a listing for a "haunted Sonic Cup" that made my giggle far too long).  There were a handful of dolls, however, that really stood out.  I couldn't stop looking at them!

Throughout the day I just couldn't shake the idea of haunted dolls.  Why would a spirit attach themselves to a doll?  Are the spirits actually able to manipulate the dolls into moving?  Are these spirits lost souls?  Could I help them?  These are just a small bit of the questions that ran through my head.  One thing was certain, though, as I found myself sitting back down later that evening in front of my computer, I had to buy one and see for myself.

I was transfixed.  Intrigued.  Slightly afraid.  Nervous.  Excited.  And most of all, oddly obsessed.

I ended up buying not one, not two, but three dolls.  Three.  I bought three haunted dolls!  I mean, what the heck is wrong with me?!

When I went to bed that night, I was filled with regret and anxiety.  I felt stupid and guilty for buying them.  I was slightly afraid of the "what ifs" that these dolls/spirits were capable of.  I was just anxious in general.  But there was no going back, and I admit, despite the anxiety I was actually excited to meet them.

In the following week that it took for each doll to arrive, I experienced a full range of emotions.  I just couldn't understand why I had become so obsessed with these three dolls.  It was as if something came over me and manipulated my mind.  I HAD to have them.  I've never had that happen before, so it made me nervous.  I remember looking at each Doll's listing online over and over.  As I stared into their faces something clicked.  I knew I was meant to meet them.  I wasn't sure if they wanted my help, but I was willing to try.  I told myself it was good practice, that I was doing them a great service, but I wasn't kidding myself when it came down to it.  I was just plain curious.  I have always had a bizarre fascination with the unknown and the scary.  I have always had a tendency to seek out haunted houses, play with a Ouija board, and put myself in situations that would thrill me.  Is that unhealthy?  I'm sure it is, but now that I'm older, I appreciate that inquisitive side of myself.

As I was waiting for the dolls to arrive, the weirdest thing happened.  I began viewing them not as objects, but as people.  To me their were spirits, fully intelligent people, that just happened to be attached to a doll.  I could feel their presence before they even arrived.  All week I knew they would be delivered on Friday, and sure enough, when I went to the post office, they were there waiting for me.

When I picked the dolls up at the post office, I was filled with nerves.  The boxes literally vibrated and hummed.  I felt nothing negative, just the familiar hum and energy of a spirit being present.  I was extremely careful with the boxes, and when I walked inside my home, I took the boxes and ran up to my office to open them.  As I slid the knife through the tape in each box, the energy intensified. I was so excited.

Once each doll was unwrapped and placed on my desk, I mentally spoke to them.  I greeted them, introduced myself, told them how honored I was to meet them, and then started setting some major ground rules: no breaking things, no harming my son, animals, husband, or myself, and no negative activity.  I asked them to keep it positive, and with that, they had my permission to move around the house, make noises, and move things.  Just as long as they don't do it to be mean.  I told them I would like for them to get to know me, and for me to know them, and that I would like to build a relationship with them.  As I mentally spoke to them, I could feel them (all women) perk up with interest.

I eventually placed them in my bedroom next to a few crystals that I thought they would enjoy.  Later that night, after my son was asleep and my husband was at work, I sat on the couch watching television.  It didn't take long for me to feel the women coming down the stairs.  All three of them stood behind me, watching my every move, and I smiled at them and went back to my show.  They were respecting my boundaries, and I was allowing them to get used to my presence, energy, and home.  More than anything, I found them comforting.

I have been spending a lot of time meditating with each woman, communicating with them, dreaming about them, and observing their clear displays of trying to get my attention.  It has been wonderful and educational.  I already feel as if these three women are a part of my family.  Weird, I know.

Over a short time, I have been slowly writing a separate blog post for each of the three women/dolls.  One in particular is extra mischievous and likes to visit me in my dreams, open my closet doors, and whisper in my ear.  Just this morning I woke up to find all four of my closet doors wide open.  Oddly, it made me smile.  My house has been harmonious, not scary, and full of charged energy that I can only describe as happy.  These women seem content to be here, and I find that to be so humbling.

So please stay tuned to hear about Gretchen, the elderly German woman, Elyssa, the 20-something spitfire, and the unnamed red-head who is extremely shy, and find out their full histories.  I think you will enjoy what I have to say about each one.  *Pictures will be included ;-)

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**My dolls were bought from two shops.  Elyssa and the Red-head were bought from and Gretchen was purchased from CuriousImports on

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