Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Haunted Doll Experiment: Part 2, Elyssa

This doll was labeled as "Bad" and even "Evil" by the seller.  When I first saw the listing on Etsy, I thought "Whoa, she is so creepy."  But there was something I couldn't quite shake.  I was so drawn to this doll, and I wasn't sure why.  I felt a connection to her right off the bat.  I stared at her photo for a long time, and reached out to establish whether or not she was truly evil or not.  Luckily, I realized that she wasn't bad, she was just intense.  An intense spirit can be confusing to a lot of people because the sensations they give off can easily be interpreted as not good.  I was most excited about meeting this doll/spirit because I knew we would hit it off.  I also had a feeling that she would be the most active one entering my home.  Boy was I right!

This doll has an interesting history.  She was sold at an auction with 1,000 other dolls in an 150 year old house in Arizona.  The house had experienced many horrors including several murders and two major fires.  This doll (and one of the other dolls I bought) survived BOTH fires.  When the original seller began selling the dolls as simply "antiques," she started getting emails from the buyers complaining that the dolls were haunted.  After much research, she found out the history of the home and then discovered that the last woman who resided in that house was practicing a form of witchcraft and was believed to have removed the spirits in the house and attached them to many of the dolls she owned.  I find that sad and a tad scary.  Those poor souls.  I felt even more compassion for the two dolls I purchased from because they had been through so much together, and they deserved to finally have peace.

The day she arrived, I set her gently on a cushion in my room.  I placed a channeling crystal next to her, and I meditated.  I placed myself into a deep meditative state and asked for this particular spirit to come forward.  Within seconds I saw a woman sit down in front of me.  She was very thin, and had extremely long black hair.  Her hair was covering her face and she wore filthy underclothes, as if her dress was ripped off of her.  She appeared to be in her early twenties and I would say she was alive in the late 1700's.  Her appearance in general reminded me of the girl in The Ring.  Creepy, haunted, but mostly sad.  I could immediately tell she was desperate for acknowledgement and help.

We sat across one another and I silently gave her time to get used to me.  Much to my surprise, she projected her name to me: Elyssa and then sat quietly some more. We lightly smiled at each other and then she got up and walked away.  Later that night I saw her with the other spirits standing behind me and sizing me up.  I liked her instantly.

The next night she whispered in my ear while I was waiting to drift off to sleep.  She quietly said "Thank you" and "Good night".

That night she visited me in my dreams.

A lot of people don't realize that everyone has the ability to see and communicate with spirits.  The easiest way is through our dreams.  I can guarantee a huge amount of people have seen their dead relatives in their dreams.  I am always happy to let them know that their dream was real, that they actually communicated and visited with that spirit.  I take my dreams very seriously.  Sure, I have the occasional weird dream that was just my subconscious piecing together my thoughts from the day.  But most of the time I am spending my nights traveling, visiting other worlds, and my favorite of all, talking with spirits.  I told all the women in my home that they had my permission to visit me in my dreams.  I was thrilled that Elyssa took me up on my offer.  She decided to show me how she died.

She was kept at a boarding school of sorts in the middle of the woods in what appeared to be England in the 1700's.  She seemed too old to be a student, but was somehow kept prisoner there for some reason.  I sat next to her as the headmistress whipped and abused the other girls.  I could feel Elyssa tremble and close in on herself beside me.  When the headmistress was done with her punishments, she called a younger man to come and take the girls back to their rooms.  When the woman turned her back to her wards, Elyssa lightly touched my hand and looked deeply into my eyes.  I heard "Follow me, and be quiet" and then she stood up.  I followed her as she stealthily creeped away from the group and slipped through the door leading outside.  When the door was closed behind us, I started to take in our surroundings.

The woods were so thick and untouched.  I had never seen a forest so beautiful.  We immediately began running down a dirt trail.  We ran for what seemed like hours.  Over time our clothes were ripped and our hair was matted and messy.  The trail eventually led to a road and as we began to get tired we heard people behind us yelling and running.  The staff had caught on that Elyssa had run away.  She grabbed my hand and we climbed up a steep hill to hide behind a few large tree trunks.  Several people on horses rode by, and I thought we were in the clear.  But then I heard a soft clip clop of a single rider making his way back to where we were.

I stole a quick peek around the enormous trunk and saw a young man staring right back at me.  I turned to Elyssa and saw her sitting there breathing heavily with her eyes closed.  She was praying.  Within seconds the man was standing face to face with her and he grabbed the hair on the back of her head.  I expected him to yell, to alert everyone that he had found her.  But he didn't.  He seemed sad, angry, but mostly regretful.  He looked deeply into her eyes and said "This is for your own good.  It's the only way you'll be free."   Elyssa nodded and the man pulled out a small dagger.  Tears ran down both of their faces and he whispered "I'm so sorry" as he stabbed her in the heart.

She died quickly.  But her spirit didn't pass through the bright light that was presented before her.  Instead, she chose to wander the woods for what could possibly be eternity.

I woke up a while later, after spending some time roaming the woods together.

When I sat up I saw Elyssa (not the doll, but the spirit) sitting next to me.  We smiled at each other and both finally fully understood one another.  She seemed really relieved, and at peace in a way.

Since that night, she has watched over me as I sleep.  She sits on the floor and just quietly watches me.  My dog doesn't like it at all, and refuses to look at her, but my cats adore her.  They cuddle with the doll and want to sit in the same spot that her spirit is.  She whispers to me every night, and I can hear her walking during the day.  Pacing up stairs, tapping her foot as she sits and thinks, and I can hear her sigh in what sounds like relief.  To be silly she opens my closet doors each night so that I can wake up in the morning and see her handiwork.  I told her it reminds me of the movie The Poltergeist, and she finds that amusing.

We have been working on building a relationship that is built on trust.  To help a spirit fully, and to completely cross them over after being earthbound and attached to an object for so long is not an easy feat.  I've been spending a lot of time with her, observing her, and allowing her all the time she needs to get used to my presence.  Eventually I will help her to fully cross over and be at peace.  In the meantime, though, I will continue to enjoy her company.

Her story will continue in other blog posts in the future.

Thank you for reading my blog,

*Part 3 where I discuss the second doll will be published next week.

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