Friday, May 20, 2016

The Haunted Doll Experiment: Part 3, Grietl

Grietl was by far my most timid and easy going spirit.  I purchased this doll from ebay for $17.  There was just something about her that made me feel like I had to help her.  It also stuck out that the spirit's supposed name was Gretchen and it said she was originally from Germany.  When I opened the box, after she arrived in the mail, her energy was sad, subdued, and slightly scared.  I made sure to take my time with her, to be respectful, and to just allow her to observe me as much as she wanted.

The first night all the dolls were in my home, her spirit stood behind me as I watched television.  After that, I didn't see her spirit at all.  I knew she was around, but she stayed hidden most of the time.  Within a week, though, I realized that one of the other women was sort of picking on her.  At the very least, she was overpowering her.  The other spirit (whom I haven't written about yet) demands attention.  She had been so quiet, at first, but has now been making herself known.  One morning I opened the door to my spare bedroom to discover that this woman decided to push Grietl's doll down and across the bed.  I was amazed at how far the doll had been moved.  It was pretty impressive, if I'm being honest.  I knew that I needed to help Grietl right away.  Especially since I could feel her nervous energy.

That night I decided to officially make direct contact with her.  Like I said before, her ebay listing named her as Gretchen from Germany.  When I made contact with this spirit, the first thing I heard was "I am not from Germany.  I am Austrian."  That distinction was very important to her.  Then I saw her spirit fully.  She was a very petite, round, older woman.  I'd say she was in her 60's when she passed.  When she died she had whitish red hair, but she kept trying to make her hair look more youthful in color.  I told her she didn't need to hide that from me, but her vanity took over on that one.  She was very beautiful, and seemed very prim and lady like.  I would say she passed in the 1800's or very early 1900's.

She knew she had passed and told me that her name wasn't Gretchen.  She said her name was what she pronounced as "Gr-eye-tull."  She was confused as to how she ended up stuck to a doll.  She died of natural causes (heart most likely), and said that for the longest time she didn't even realize she actually died.  She said it was so instant and painless that she just thought she blacked out for a moment.  So she wandered around for a long time.  Then one day she was stuck to that doll.  It made her very unhappy, and she's been drifting along ever since.

I asked her if she was ready to fully cross over.  Her reply was "Yes."  She was a woman of few words.  I nodded and explained to her how I was going to help her.  I told her she would soon see a tunnel that radiated a lot of bright white light. I explained that all she needed to do was walk through the tunnel so her family and spirit helpers could show her where to go next.  She smiled a beautiful and youthful smile and said "Ok, I understand."  I thanked her for spending time with me and for allowing me to talk to her.  Then the tunnel appeared, she walked through it eagerly, and she was gone.

Since that day, I look at her doll and feel the emptiness around it.  No more spirit attached there, and the doll hasn't been shoved around since.  It's strange to look at the doll now, knowing that there once was a lovely woman attached to her.  I hope Grietl's soul is finally at peace.

And so the story of the dolls still continues.  One doll down, two more to go.  I have a feeling the last spirit will be my most difficult one.  Here we go...

Thank you for reading my blog.

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