Monday, June 13, 2016

The Haunted Doll Experiment: Part 4, Cecily

I saved this third doll for last because she has really been something.  I underestimated her at first.  I knew she was active, but I thought she was mostly timid and shy.  It took her two weeks to fully warm up to me.  I would be on the computer or watching tv and then *BAM* there she would be.  Her face inches from mine, sizing me up.  I tolerated it because some spirits just don't understand boundaries like we do.  Or they simply don't care.  Either way, I didn't mind so much once I got over the initial shock.  I admit I jumped a few times, those first instances where one second I'd be alone and then the next she's in my face.

The most obvious of her features was her fiery reddish-orange hair.  Every time I thought of her I just saw the color of her hair.  It was wild, thick, and vibrant.  If there was any truth to the connection between red heads and having feisty personalities, she would be the poster child.

After those first two weeks, activity started picking up pretty quickly in my house.  I knew it was coming.  I really did.  But it still amazed me, nonetheless.  I purchased this doll from the same seller as Elyssa ( and was warned that this spirit demanded attention.  She came from the same doomed house in Arizona, survived those two major house fires, and experienced countless murders.  The seller told me that she's been known to break things, especially lightbulbs.  She had picked up on the fact that she prefers the attention to be on her most of the time, and I took that as a word of caution.  The first time I noticed that she was ready to make herself known was when she shoved the Austrian spirit's doll across the bed.

I knew it was her.  I felt it coming for days.  I kindly asked her to respect the doll's space and then let the situation go.  The next morning I found one of the crystals I had next to her on the floor.  The rose quartz pyramid was in the center of the bed when I had left them the night before.  But when I opened the door the next morning, the pyramid was on the ground and on its side.  Imagine the amount of force that had to have taken to move that!  I was impressed.  I smiled and told her so, and then told her that she's welcome to continue to move things about, as long as she continued to abstain from breaking things.

And move things she did.  She wreaked havoc on my office (the room where she stayed at night).  Pens would be on the floor, I would lose things, picture frames would be hanging lopsided on the walls.  The door would be open some mornings when I knew I latched it shut the night before.  It was incredible.  I have seen things be moved with force before by a spirit, but never with this much consistency.

I prolonged communicating with her directly because I actually enjoyed her surprises.  I found them fascinating and exciting.  Eventually, though, I knew she was ready for me to talk to her and cross her over.  She had been waiting for a long time.

When I put myself into a deep meditative state and called her forward, I saw a beautiful freckly, red-headed teenaged girl.  Her hair was a little past her shoulders, she had long beautiful eyelashes that framed her big brown eyes, and her heart shaped mouth was naturally a beautiful cherry color.  She was breathtaking.  I asked her what her name was and she said "Cecily."  I guessed her age to be about 14-16 years old.  I would say she was living in the early 1900's; possibly 1910-1925.  She was living in Arizona when she died.  I asked her how she passed away and she showed me a vision of her being surrounded by fire and her home caving in on top of her.  It was terrible.  I told her how sorry I was that she had to endure that, and she looked at me sadly and nodded.  Then I asked her if she was ready to cross over.

She said "My momma has been waiting for me for a very long time."

"I'm sure she has.  I bet she's ready to see you now."  I replied.

I told her to look behind her.  As she did, the bright white tunnel appeared in front of her and you could hear her mother and siblings calling for her.  Tears streamed down her face and she beamed.  She hugged me and whispered "Thank you" in my ear.  I gave her one final loving squeeze and told her to go be with her family and to be happy.  At that, she excitedly walked through  the light and vanished.  The relief I felt after she was gone was tremendous.  I was feeling the release of her emotions and the release of being stuck on earth for so long.  The doll sitting next to me was now just a doll.  It was empty and blank.

Sometimes earthbound spirits can be misunderstood.  Cecily wasn't a bad spirit.  She was trying to get the attention and help she felt she deserved.  She was begging for someone to help her.  I feel bad that I waited so long to help her, but at the same time, I'm not entirely sure she would have been quite as ready if we didn't spend those weeks together.  It can take time for a spirit to trust a person and be willing to accept their help.

Regardless of how long it took and how mischievous she could be, I am just so happy and relieved that she is finally at peace.  She was truly a special girl, and I know she's living out her days in happiness with her loving family.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

A New Way To Journal

One of the best ways to become more spiritual is to start journaling.  Writing your inner most thoughts, passions, desires, and hopes for the future can be extremely enlightening and cathartic.  Writing down your dreams every morning can help open doors to your inner psyche.  Venting your emotions through writing can help release pent up anger and frustrations that you've been holding on to for ages.  Writing in general (even if you feel like you're not that good at it) can be healing in so many ways.

I always recommend that children of all ages should start writing in a journal to help process their emotions and thoughts.  It's a healthy way to figure life out when it's at its most confusing.  And as people enter adulthood, the need for journaling becomes even more important!  BUT let's be honest.  Most people don't write in a journal regularly, if at all.  We use lack of time, lack of motivation, lack of skill, etc as an excuse to never pick up a pen and write.  It's unfortunate because this form of self expression can lead to a huge spiritual awakening in a lot of people.

I stumbled across "Start Where You Are" by Meera Lee Patel during an Amazon search a few months back.  I was looking for books to inspire me to get back into my spiritual practice and this journal presented itself in my feed.  "Start Where You Are" is a new way to journal.  It is a journal that guides you into figuring out the answers you've been searching for.  It asks you questions that you have to answer honestly.  It compassionately guides you to a more spiritual and loving path and helps you figure life out for yourself.  It also offers inspiring quotes that align with the daily entries.

After finding this journal online (and using it for my own personal use), I now recommend it to anyone who is searching for answers, may feel lost in life, and/or need a little guidance.  In no time at all, this book will have people journaling as if they've been doing it since childhood.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More Q&A's!

It's time for another "Question and Answer" blog post.  I receive a lot of emails with similar questions about how readings work, what they entail, what my religious views are, and more.  I thought it would be fun (and possibly helpful to others) to list the most common questions asked, and then answer them.  I hope it will help to clear up any confusion some may have about the mysterious world of soul communication and tarot reading.  Enjoy!

1.  What are tarot cards?  Tarot cards are a a type of card deck that typically consists of 78 cards.  They are broken up into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.  The minor Arcana are then broken down into Pentacles, Swords, Wands, and Cups.  Tarot has gotten a bad reputation in the past because of movies and people who use them with bad intentions.  In all honesty, I've never seen tarot cards as being bad.  If a person who only means to use them with love and care reads for you, you are in good hands.  Never have a reading by someone who deals with anything dark.  That is not for you!  Tarot cards can help to offer insight and guidance on a current situation or struggle.  They can give you advice on how to proceed with a major life decision, and can tell you what's in store for you if you make a certain choice.  I have found them to be so helpful for anyone that just needs a little push in the right direction, and even more helpful to someone going through a difficult time.  Tarot cards can also connect with your energy to reveal certain things about your personality and self destructive patterns.  They never lie.  They may not tell you what you want to hear, but they always have the best intentions.  Tarot cards can even refuse to answer your questions and instead choose to focus on a different subject entirely.  That is because they feel their topic of choice is more important in the here and now.

2.  Can you tell the future?  No.  I am not a fortune teller.  It is very rare for anyone to have the ability to see the future.  And even the most gifted psychics can't always control their gifts in a way that allows them to tell you what's going to happen to you in five years.  Instead, we can offer insight on how things MAY progress if you choose a certain road.  For instance, if you asked me if you will have a baby next year, I would ask my tarot cards and then explain that the cards say that if you choose to have a baby, and take the actions necessary, you will have a baby.  BUT the cards will also tell you the obstacles ahead for you such as a non-supportive spouse, money troubles, loss of a job, and so forth.  That would enable you to make the right decision on whether or not choosing to have another baby is the right choice for you at that stage in your life. One important thing about the future to remember is that we all have free will.  The future is NEVER set in stone.  We can change the course of our lives by one small action and choice.  I find that extremely reassuring and cool.

3.  What are oracle cards?  Oracle cards are my absolute favorite.  They are often beautifully illustrated decks that focus on major life lessons.  They are viewed as having messages from our angels, different goddesses/gods, or from our own spirit helpers.  Regardless of who is giving you the messages, you will find them extremely eye opening and full of love and compassion.  Whenever I am having a rough day, or week, I like to sit down with one of my oracle decks and ask them for guidance.  They always offer major life lessons that teach me to open my heart more, let go of grief and fear, and be of service to the world in a kind and loving way.  If you've never had an oracle card reading I highly recommend it!

4.  What are your religious views?  This is a very common question I am asked almost daily.  Most of my clients are devout christians.  They believe in god, in angels, and in the beauty and power of our spirit helpers always trying to help (through tarot, soul communication, or through signs).  I also have clients that are buddhist, atheist, wiccan, pagan, catholic, and more.  I am mostly Buddhist, but I do believe in a higher power.  I am not christian, but I believe in many gods and goddesses exist as well as Angels, Fairies, and nature spirits.  I believe in life after death, reincarnation, and ghosts.  It doesn't matter what religious views you have, I am respectful of them all, never try to convert anyone to believe what I believe, and am able to cater a reading to fit your beliefs.  

5.  Isn't reading tarot cards and talking with the dead evil?  Isn't it against god?  Um, NO!!!  Only evil people can make any thing evil and bad.  I am a believer in god and I believe my gifts were given by god.  I only use them for the highest good.  I use them to help others communicate with their loved ones, see their highest potential, heal from difficult situations, and to move forward in life in a loving way.  Have I seen some not so nice spirits/ghosts?  Absolutely.  But my angels, ancestors, and spirit guides protect me every time.  

6.  How do you perform readings over the computer?  The spirit world and our own personal energy are accessible at all times.  Spirits and energy vibrates at a higher frequency, exists in a different plane, and is separate from our bodies.  When I sit down to read for anyone I say a prayer, meditate, and reach out to connect to your energy or spirits around you.  I ask your questions, find out the answers, and then type everything up in an email.  I then send that email directly to you.  For "instant messaging" readings, I am typing everything to you as it happens in real time.  So it's as if you're sitting right there in front of me.  

7. Why do you charge money?  Isn't that wrong to charge grieving people money?  I charge money because this is my skill.  Some people cut hair, massage, or personal train.  I read for people.  I am fulfilling my life purpose and I chose a profession that enables me to help people on a daily basis.  Performing readings is very time consuming.  It can take me 60-120 minutes per reading.  It also is very exhausting.  One medium told me something really helpful.  She said that in order for people to value your readings, there has to be an even energy exchange.  A medium gives their own energy, time and heart into a reading.  It's only fair that the client repays that in some way (often through money) in order for the exchange to be equal.  Do I feel uncomfortable charging grieving people?  Absolutely! That's why my prices are so low.  Most mediums and tarot readers I've met charge 2-3 times more than what I charge.  I try to keep the price down as low as possible.  

8.  What is your favorite type of reading to do?  My favorite readings are the ones for people who are genuinely looking to grow spiritually.  I love helping people to find their spiritual path, to see their full potential, and who want to live a more meaningful life.  I also really enjoy spirit communications for those that are still grieving the loss of a loved one.  It warms my heart to have the chance to help them heal in even a small way, while also helping the two to connect once more.  

9.  Aren't you scared talking to the dead?  Not at all.  I've been scared a few times when I've gone into a haunted establishment and the spirit I meet is aggressive and powerful.  Those freak me out a bit.  But to see someone with blood all over them, or to see them looking creepy overall, I don't mind so much.  And to talk to a spirit regardless is a huge honor and privilege that I wouldn't care how scary, creepy, or gross they were (or looked).  I know I am protected and I am only seeing them and communicating with them to help.  It makes it all worth it.

10.  What would you say to anyone nervous (or skeptical) about getting a reading?  DO IT!  You won't regret it.  No matter what type of reading you get (tarot, oracle, spirit communication) you will get so much out of it.  Every reading is personal, full of love, and offers a tremendous amount of advice.  I have never regretted paying someone to read for me.  I always get something out of it.  And I always feel so much better afterward.

11.  Do you read for yourself?  I do not read tarot cards for myself, especially when it comes to major decisions.  I find it difficult to be objective.  So I always reach out to a wonderful woman in Australia.  She offers me great insight that I would never have been able to be honest with myself about.  I do read oracle cards for myself, but only when I simply ask for daily guidance.  I find them extremely helpful.  I also have a good friend who lives in KY that reads Angel cards so well that I always value her readings.  Plus, she delivers those hard to hear life lessons in such a kind and loving way that I appreciate so much.   I do communicate with certain spirits (especially my grandparents and great grandparents) when I am missing them or need some comfort.  

12.  What's one thing a person can do to develop their own spiritual gifts, or to just become more spiritual?  I have a few recommendations.  The first is to meditate.  You cannot make any progress without meditating.  It's often overlooked, but it is by far the most important thing you can do.  The second is to start adding crystals and gemstones to your life.  I am obsessed with them and I own almost 200!  I have a special relationship with each one and each one has a purpose.  They all assist me on my own journey.  The last thing you should  do is read lots of books.  Find books that inspire you, that can teach you about various topics that interest you, and just keep reading.  Reading books help you to continue to grow and learn, which is so important in life in general.

*I would love to hear what questions you may have about any topic related to spirits, tarot, metaphysics, and more, so please send me an email at anytime!*

Thank you for reading my blog.