Thursday, July 28, 2016

What I've Learned So Far About Haunted Dolls

I, like a ton of other people, enjoy a good horror movie.  Especially when the horror movie involves creepy haunted dolls.  Those movies were my only frame of reference when it came to haunted objects.  Despite my experience with haunted homes and spirits, I never put much thought into the mystery of haunted dolls.  I had never seen one in person and it wasn't something that I was ever contacted about.  So when I got the idea to look up dolls on ebay and etsy, I realized there was this whole universe of haunted dolls and their collectors.  I was blown away at the sheer volume of collectors and the amount of dolls available.

I felt lucky that I had the upper hand in choosing a doll since I am able to stretch my "Spidey senses" out and get a feel for any lurking spirits.  Yes, I can tell when something is haunted just by looking at a picture.  It's totally weird, and I can't explain it.  I didn't want to spoil the surprise too much for myself, though, so once I felt a presence with each doll, I pulled back and waited impatiently for them to arrive in the mail.

I have been very open and honest with you all as I have documented my experiences with these three dolls.  They've moved things, whispered, opened my closet doors, pushed each other, gotten in my face, and watched from afar.  They have amazed me in every possible way.  I, like so many others before me, grew attached to haunted dolls.  I grew attached to the dolls themselves and the spirits that inhabited them.  They became a part of the family, just like any other spirit that would visit or reside in any of the homes I've lived in.  I was able to cross all three spirits over and help them to no longer be attached to an object.  All three were exhausted and ready to leave this world, and I was happy to oblige.

I was also sad to see them go.

I placed all three empty dolls on the bed in my spare bedroom (which also serves as my office).  Every day I'd pass by them and smile, knowing that they were empty and the spirits are finally at peace.  But then, one day, they weren't empty any more.  One by one they became inhabited by ANOTHER spirit each.  I was floored.  I didn't expect that to happen!

As I did a little research, I realized that all over the world many different cultures treat dolls as sacred spirit vessels.  They believe all dolls have spirits attached to them, and when treated like a part of the family, these dolls will offer blessings to them.  They clothe them, spoil them, and talk to them daily.  They bring them offerings, sprinkle flower petals on them, and pray next to them.  It is incredible.  I also discovered that for some reason spirits are naturally attracted to dolls, and often willingly attach themselves to dolls in order to stay on the earth plane.  My assumption is that the biggest appeal is that dolls resemble real people, so the spirit is allowed to feel more like a live person.  I also believe that dolls are ten times more easy to attach to than humans, so a spirit will take the next best thing.

So where did these new spirits come from?  I have no earthly idea.  I've been so busy enjoying my summer, spending time with my son, and traveling, that I haven't made the time to make full contact with them.  I hear them and feel them near me at all times.  I know there is a man (maybe in his late 60's), a pre-teen girl, and a middle aged woman.  I assume they are German or of European descent, and they are definitely not negative.  Well, the man sort of gives me the creeps, but that's normal.

I will be taking time each week to make contact with every doll, and hopefully I will be able to help them all cross over and go into the afterlife in peace.  I will also be doing research on how to block these dolls from becoming vessels for any other spirits in the future.  All of which I will write about in my blog.  Lastly, I have purchased a few more dolls for more practice, in hopes of helping even more spirits.  One belonged to an old woman who no matter how many times she put the doll in the attic, the doll would appear back downstairs.  The others are three tiny dolls made out of wooden spools and human hair.  They were discovered sitting on an altar in Afghanistan and could either possess the hair of the deceased family members or of deceased enemies.  Those I am especially excited to meet.

One of my favorite things about being a medium is the fact that I am constantly learning about the spirit world, discovering new things, and am forced to face the unknown with bravery and excitement.  It is never boring in my house, that is for sure!

Thank you for reading my blog.

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