Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Haunted Doll Experiment: Part 5, The Dolls From Afghanistan

Boy, oh boy, I am so excited to talk about these three guys.  When Kat at told me about the newest dolls she recently acquired, I knew I had to meet them.  The back story is a tad vague, but equally mysterious.  Kat received these dolls in the mail after someone found them on an altar in Afghanistan.  The dolls are made from old wooden spools and actual human hair.  Human hair, people!  They have legit human hair!  No one knows for sure if the dolls were created to memorialize deceased family members or to serve as some weird voodoo type scenario for the person's enemies.  It's a tad creepy either way!

When I walked into the post office to pick these dolls up, I could feel them immediately.  They were seriously that strong and their energy was that crazy.  As I waited at the window for the worker to retrieve my box, I felt dizzy, panicked, anxious, and my adrenaline was kicking in.  All the usual sensations of being in a really haunted place.  The only thing I could compare it to was when I went to Waverly Hills.  Those three dolls gave me the same sensations as an entire giant building with over 1,000 spirits!  I was blown away.

The man handed me the box, and I excitedly took them to my car.  The box literally vibrated.  I felt like my body was being electrocuted.  It was insane.  The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to running errands, so that box sat next to me in the car for several hours.  The entire time, I felt like I was disconnected from my body.  I just felt really weird, and I knew it was due to their unique energies.

The second I walked through my front door, I rushed to my office and took them out of the box.  All I could say was "OH WOW."  They gave me the creeps, my adrenaline was in full force, and their energy was so overwhelming.  These dolls were the weirdest I had ever seen.  One was missing an eye, they seriously had real human hair on their heads and faces, and they wore traditional robes you typically see in the middle east.  I knew they were going to be an interesting case.  I went downstairs for a bit to see  my husband and son, and when I came back upstairs 30 minutes later, the spirits had a surprise for me.

ALL of the lights upstairs were on.  Every single one.  I just stood there with my mouth hanging open.  Then I started to laugh.  I turned each light off and went back into my office.  I had the talk with those men and the other new doll that came with them (I will discuss her in another post).  I established those much needed boundaries of 1. Don't hurt anyone. 2. Leave my son, husband, and animals alone.  3. No breaking things.  As I was laying the ground rules, I could see three men with facial hair and robes standing in front of me.  They were looking at the female dolls in disgust.  They did not want to be placed next to them.  Ever.  That was the first time they clearly communicated their needs to me.  I quickly set up a comfortable place for them on the opposite side of the room where their view would be completely obstructed from the other dolls.

Since that day, I see their shadows everywhere.  Every time I am alone anywhere in my home I see someone standing next to me, a shadow go by, or hear someone walking.  I always know it's them.  They like to keep an eye on me, but they're also keeping their distance.  I've made sure to not do anything too offensive to them since I'm currently researching their culture thoroughly.  It's really not an easy thing to navigate.  I'm starting from square one with these guys because their culture and belief system is so different from my own.  I've made sure to always have the office door closed when I'm in the shower or not fully clothed.  I don't want to offend them.  And whenever my son is in my office, I move the dolls to another part of the house.  They don't seem to mind my son, but I don't want to take any chances.

So far, I've enjoyed having them around.  My house has been so full of female spirits that these three, quiet men have been a nice change.  From what I've gathered so far, the dolls are intended to honor deceased loved ones.  They have a love and attachment to the actual dolls, and they seem very nice and pleasant.  I believe that the reason their energies are so insane and powerful is because of the hair.  Any time there is evidence of human DNA around, a spirit is going to be more present.  And I will be more inclined to feel them.  Strange, I know.

Over the next few weeks, I plan on continuing my research on their culture.  I plan to meditate with each one and make full contact.  In the meantime, I am simply allowing them to adjust to their new surroundings.  So far so good.  I'm bracing myself, though, because I know their stories are going to be incredible.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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