Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Touchy Feely Guy

I haven't written a ghost story recently, and I feel like it's about darn time!  I've recently been taking a break from all my ghosty pursuits but that doesn't stop spirits from talking to me and making contact. My Afghan dolls have been just as active as always; stomping around and having loud conversations each night.  They've oddly become a part of the family and I'm quite attached to them.  Instead of creeping me out, I look at them with fondness and love.  It's amazing how that happens.  I can't even begin to explain the dynamic, but it works for me.

In addition to the dolls and the spirits that already resided in my house, I've been finding myself being confronted by other spirits on my nightly walks.  Anywhere in the world, there are spirits roaming around.  They don't just confine themselves to houses and creepy buildings.  They roam the woods, walk the streets, and get curious about their surroundings.  So it was no surprise to me when I started noticing this one male spirit accompanying me on my evening walks.

He appeared to me as a 40-50 year old man with salt and pepper short hair, 70's looking pork chop type side burns, and very thick eyebrows.  He looked like he came straight out of the 1970's and he was a tad intense.  He was very interested in me and began following me every day.  I didn't really mind all that much.  It's something I get used to.

One night, as we were walking, I felt his breath on my neck.  And then on my ear.  I could hear him breathing and I could smell cigarette breath.  It was so real that I whipped around, fists ready, thinking there had to be someone else, a real live person, bothering me.  But there wasn't.  It was just him.  I thought to myself "EWW" and sped up my pace.

Two nights later he decided to touch me.  He was walking behind me and I felt a heavy, large hand trace my spine.  It started at my neck and ran all the way down to my tail bone.  It was weird and chilling and it was so unpleasant and odd that I thought I was going to throw up.  With cold chills and anxiety filled emotions, I slowly turned around and faced him.  He seemed defiant in a way.  It was almost like he felt entitled to touch me.  Like I was his property.  I held my finger up to his face and firmly said "No!" as if I was talking to a dog.  He flinched a bit at the intensity of my tone, but then smiled and walked away.

Day after day, we repeated the same dance.  Me walking and trying to be invisible and him speeding up to follow me and run his fingers or palm down my spine.  Sometimes he would tug on my shirt or rest his hand on my shoulder, but mostly it was the spine thing.  I changed up my route, switched up my time of day I walked, and yet he always found me.  No matter how many times I said no and demanded he leave me alone, he persisted.

Finally, after two weeks of being bothered over and over, another male spirit came to my aid.  He was very old, possibly in his 80's, and had an air of authority.  He seemed to be related to the harassing man and made a point to assert his dominance over him.  He forbade him from coming near me again, and just like that, my touchy feeling guy was no longer in my life.  It was really that simple and fast.

After that, my walks became more peaceful.  I still walk while anticipating that nauseating spine touch, but luckily, it never comes. Most spirits in my life are pleasant, and blessings.  I enjoy their company and they add a little color to my life.  They become friends.  But just like in normal, every day life, there are always some that are undesirable and not so nice.  For those, all I can do is try to establish clear boundaries and do my best.

What a weird experience that was.  Yikes.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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