Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Neighbor Spirit Part 3

After I awoke from my awful dream, I had a moment of shear panic.  This spirit wasn't just a random person that showed up in my dreams, never to be seen or heard from again.  This was a highly dangerous man that lived literally a few feet from me.  I hopped out of bed and made sure to put up protection bubbles around me, my family, and my entire house.  I can't necessarily keep him from coming into my home, but I  could make sure we were protected from him.  Luckily, it wasn't us that he was interested in.  It was my neighbors that he wanted.

I was still uneasy the next day, and I noticed my dog acting funny later that evening.  Sure enough, there he was, standing in my entryway.  My dog was shaking, staring him down, and growling.  He was standing in the doorway with a strange smirk on his face.  He didn't cross the threshold leading to my living room. Instead, he simply stood there and stared.  I knew he wanted me to know that he wasn't going anywhere, and I hated him even more for his blatant lack of respect and humanity.

When I went to bed that night I said a long prayer.  I prayed for my protection, my family's protection, and my neighbor's protection.  I just wanted everyone to get through the night safely so I could force him out for good the next day.  The good news is that my prayer worked.  We were safe that night.  But he was still able to enter my house, and even more unluckily, my bedroom.

I hadn't even fallen asleep yet and there he was.  He was standing at the foot of my bed and didn't move.  He stood there staring for at least 2 minutes.  I couldn't quite compose myself at that moment because he caught me so off guard.  I then watched him walk slowly around my bed, further from me, and through my bedroom door.  He turned to face me one more time, waved slowly, and then disappeared.  His whole demeanor and energy told me that my poor neighbor was in for a very unpleasant night.

The next day I gathered all of my energy and strength.  It was the day I was going to cross this guy over.  I had no clue how to go about it.  I had no idea if it would even work. 
 But I was going to give it my all.

My husband and son went out for a nice long walk and I took that time to get to work.  I sat down in my upstairs hallway, facing the wall that is shared with our neighbors.  I began breathing deeply and placed myself into a light meditative state.  I could feel him immediately.  He knew I was connecting with him and he didn't like it.  I felt hostility and anger.  I heard him yell an awful roar of frustration, and he came through the wall to face me.  He yelled, he clawed at me, he made awful threats, but I continued my meditation.  I reached out to my guides, spirit helpers, ancestors, and for the first time, Angels.  I asked for help and strength to get rid of this awful spirit.  I asked for all the protection and assistance they could offer, and watched in awe as several magnificent looking spirits came forward. 

With all of my might, and their's,  I willed him out of both of our houses and into the darkness where he belonged.  Typically when I cross a spirit over, there's a wonderful tunnel with bright white light that the spirit will go through.  Not this time, though.  This time I saw just blackness and felt an air of nothingness.  It was scary and unpleasant, but I willed him into that place of darkness and he fought really hard.

As he became sucked into the depths of nothingness, I saw him clinging to our house with his hands; digging in with his fingernails.  He held on tight, but it was too much for him. 
 He was gone within 60 seconds.  

And then it was quiet and calm.  I felt this empty space where he used to be.  I took a moment to breathe deeply and allow myself to feel the energy around me.  Thankfully, it all felt so much better.  No more doom and gloom.  No more anxiety.  No more despair.  It was pure awesomeness.

Two days later Eric came home from Africa.  My husband and I braced ourselves for a blowup fight like usual, but it never came.  He was home for three days before going back on deployment, and they never fought once.  Sarah even knocked on the door two days ago with a smile on her face and was bouncing with energy.  I had never seen her so radiant and happy.  She wanted to tell me something about her college class and then said she was going out.  She hadn't gone out in months.  

I knew then that she was finally free.

And I hope she will always have that radiance about her from here on out.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Monday, February 20, 2017

My Neighbor Spirit Part 2

About a year ago, I wrote about a spooky male spirit who lived in the house next door to me.  My house is a duplex so I share a wall with my neighbors, and up until recently I was able to keep that male spirit at bay.  (You can read about my past with him Here)  When I went back and re-read my past post about this guy, it freaked me out because I had already foretold that he would be a problem for my neighbors.  Little did I know just how bad it would get.

For respect and privacy reasons, I will never use my neighbors' names.  They don't even know I write a blog about this sort of thing, so I know they won't be reading this, but I still want to keep their identity confidential.  Instead, I will call them Eric and Sarah.  

When Eric and Sarah moved in, they were boyfriend and girlfriend and seemed relatively happy.  They quickly became engaged, and within 3 months got married.  It was a rushed wedding and I was with Sarah a lot those months helping her to plan and shop for wedding things.  My son and I even went to their city hall ceremony.  They fought like any normal couple under stress, they seemed a little immature due to being in their very early 20's, and I always tried to remind myself how I acted when I was their age.  

I noticed that within 6 months of them living in that house that their arguments became really scary.  It was as if they were possessed.  Keep in mind that our walls are very thin so no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't tune them out fully during these times.  

There was one night that I was awoken at 3:00 am to the sound of screaming.  Actual screaming.

I could hear Eric yelling and cussing and sounding like he was on the verge of snapping.  Then I heard Sarah hysterically crying and then screaming.  Then there was silence.  And the silence freaked me out more than anything else.  I didn't know what to do!  I had never experienced such fighting before.  Do I call the police?  What would I say?  I honestly didn't know what to do.  My husband said to just give it time since to him it just sounded like a really bad blow up fight, but it never sounded like there was domestic violence.  I was unhappy with sitting on this, but I agreed.

I didn't see Sarah for two weeks after that.  Her car was there, but it was like she vanished in the night.  I know it was dramatic, but I kept telling my husband that I was afraid she was murdered.  I can always hear the toilet being flushed or a closet door being closed next door, and for two weeks it was complete silence except for when Eric was home.  It was bizarre and unsettling and for two weeks I felt like a POS for not calling anyone.  

Thank goodness Sarah reappeared two weeks after that fight.  She looked fine and I assume she had left early in the morning after that argument and went and stayed with friends or family.  I never asked.  But it was an event that I wouldn't be able to forget for a long time.

Fast forward through several months of hearing them fight constantly.  They were just so volatile.  And it was as if they just couldn't control themselves.  I don't even think they knew what they were really even mad about.  They're tumultuous relationship affected us and stressed us out repeatedly.  And their arguments eventually became a part of the background noise.

A month ago, however, Eric began his 3 month deployment to Africa which left Sarah alone in the house.  It was so quiet and peaceful for a while, and I feel like we all were able to relax.  That is, until we started hearing Sarah hysterically crying in the bathroom in the middle of the night.  All. The. Time.  It was never ending.  A week later she knocked on my door and asked me if I would come over and talk to her.  She needed a friend. 

I came over and sat with her for an hour while she vented and cried and talked about being depressed and suicidal.  I urged her to seek help, talk to her doctor, or at the very least come to my house when she was feeling suicidal.  Of course she swatted her hand at those ideas and continued to complain about her unhappiness.  As I was there I realized we were being watched by that man.  He was sitting on the stairs happily watching us.  He was literally beaming and soaking up her despair.  It was bizarre and unsettling.  And it was distracting.  I hated being near him and I just wanted out of that house.  I rushed through the rest of the conversation, made sure she wasn't having thoughts of harming herself right at that moment, and got the heck out of there.  

I felt a huge wave of relief the second I stepped out of her house.  I knew right then and there that this whole time that male spirit was playing games with my neighbors.  He was manipulating them, causing major emotional ups and downs, and was literally feeding off of their emotions.  It was sick and twisted and it totally made sense.  I didn't really know what to do.  

So I waited until the next occurrence.

A few days ago I was given an update on Sarah's situation.  Her and Eric's fighting had increased when he was home for a day or two, and talk of divorce had begun coming up.  As she and I were walking through the woods she spoke more of thinking of hurting herself.  The kicker was that she never truly wanted to die, it was just that she would have these weird impulses to drive her car into a tree or to do something destructive.  She couldn't explain where these impulses were coming from, but she tried to resist them as they popped up.  Toward the end of our walk she revealed an even more disturbing thing.  

She was being scratched in her sleep.

She would wake up a few times a week with scratches all over her body, and she tried to rationalize it by saying she was doing it.  But I don't think she truly believed it, and neither did I.  I knew it was HIM.  That night I told my husband about my suspicions.  I asked him "Do you remember the bad spirit I found next door?"  "You mean the one that would tear marriages apart and ruin people's lives?" he said.  "YES!  That exact one."  And then I proceeded to tell him all I knew.  He was mortified once we were both able to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  It was just flat out disturbing.

That night, before I went to bed, I heard a deep, gruff voice say my name.  It was right in my ear and it made me stop in my tracks and whip around in alarm.  It was terrifying and I had goosebumps all over my body.  It was obviously him and I feel like he was making himself known, almost saying "I'm on to you and your suspicions."  Ugh, it was awful.  Despite that I tried to push it out of my mind, went to bed, and accidentally fell into a lucid dream.  It was one of those dreams that I knew I was going to be meeting with a spirit.  Unfortunately, it was that man that had entered my dreams.  

I was in my neighbor's bedroom and I saw this male spirit as a shadow figure, huddling under the bed.  I heard "I'm going to kill you..." come from under that bed and I stood there unsure of what to do next.  I then felt myself being shoved into a plastic chair that was placed in the middle of the room.  I couldn't get up (it was as if I was tied to the chair) and then suddenly the man picked the chair up with all his might (with me still seated on it) and flung it into the wall.  I crashed into the wall and fell onto the ground.  I laid there on my stomach and heard his footsteps coming toward me.  He then took a knife out of his pocket and held it right above me.  I closed my eyes and waited.  And then he was stabbing me.  Once. Twice. and then a third time.  For some reason he stopped after that.  I think he heard a noise, but I'm not sure.  While he was distracted I struggled to get up but managed to stand with the knife still protruding out of my back.  I stumbled out of the door and into the fresh air outside and took off running into the woods.  I ran barefoot and injured through thorny bushes and eventually collapsed onto the cold, dewy ground.  

Within two minutes he found me.  

He picked me up and forced me to stand.  He then dragged me back to my neighbor's house and made me sit back down in that plastic chair.  And then I waited for his next move.  Surprisingly, my neighbors came walking into the room and began getting intimate.  I closed my eyes to plugged my ears to avoid seeing them like that but he pulled my hands away from my face.  He whispered in my ears "I watch them every time."  After a pause he said "One day I will kill them.  I will destroy their lives and I will kill them."  I just sat there crying, bleeding, and shaking.  He turned to face me and forced me to look at him.  He was completely black and shadowy except for his eyes.  His eyes were glowing and a dark purple with weird slits for pupils.  He was the scariest thing I've ever seen.  And then he raised his right hand high above his head and slapped me across the face so hard I blacked out.

And then I woke up.

*This story is to be continued until Sunday where I tell you about how I faced him head on and kicked him out of their house and out of Germany for good*

Thank you for reading my blog.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Animal Healing

Given what I do, I try to keep an open mind about all things "woo."  Despite that I have always had a hard time fully believing in energy healing.  I know, I know, that sounds super judgy and hypocritical since I am constantly communicating with energetic beings, but actual healing through energy seemed a little out there.  It was simply something I needed to see to believe.

About four or five years ago I began believing in the effects of energy healing, especially when it came to animals.  I was actively volunteering at two dog and cat shelters and a farm animal sanctuary.  During my time at those places I would have these strange energy exchanges with the animals and I would see their demeanor change.  They would visibly relax after spending days shaking and being in fear.  It was wild, but it helped me to believe more in the whole energy healing thing.

I have always, always had this really special bond with animals.  Growing up I would sit quietly with animals and silently communicate with them.  I would touch them and visualize my hand transferring some sort of soothing, calming, and healing medicine of sorts, and oddly, it worked.  I also knew that I had a very strong bond and connection with animals when I began noticing dogs staring me down and basically willing me to look at them.  And when I would finally look at them, I could feel their feelings, hear their thoughts, and we would communicate in this strange, unexplainable way.  I couldn't ever really articulate what I was experiencing for fear of looking crazy, so I would stay silent about these instances.

But when I began actively working with animals in the rescue setting, I started putting my "skills" to work.  I practiced with animals all the time.  I would communicate with them, hear what they had to say, and then I would place my hands on them to sense what ails them.  I would then picture this beautiful white light coming out of my hands and heart and begin directing it towards the animal.  Every time I did this I would see results, and that further helped to make me a believer.

I knew (and finally truly believed that) I was an animal healer.

I was starting to be open about what I could do for the first time those few years ago, and people were receptive to that.  I helped a cat with seizures, I helped dogs with anxiety, I worked with chameleons and rodents, and most notably, I helped heal an injured turkey who was expected to be put down within a week.  I sat with her each time I was able to and communicated with her, sent healing energy to her, and just loved her.  And within no time she stood up and began improving.  It was amazing.

Unfortunately, because of my spiritual work, I allowed my animal healing work to be less of a priority.  That is, until recently.  I have been dreaming about healing animals constantly.  In my dreams I am healing animals of all kinds.  Deceased animals, living animals, wildlife, you name it.  Some nights I spend all night doing this, and I wake up so inspired.  I never want to stop!  Recently, my deceased grandfather keeps sending me messages through other psychics (and in my dreams) encouraging me to be an animal healer and to really work hard to normalize it to the public while dedicating my life to helping heal animals in this unique way.  Because of that I decided to enroll in an animal energy healing certification course, and I couldn't be happier with that choice.  I've also begun writing guest blogs for other animal sites to help educate others on proper exotic animal care, and also inspire others to take an active role in helping animals in need.  I am truly following my calling.

I feel like I have blossomed and transformed into the person I was meant to be.  I've learned so much about myself and about energy healing.  I decided to take the proper steps to become a Reiki Master, and graduated with that certification in January.  EEK!  How cool is that??  I also have a few weeks left in my animal healing course and am so excited to begin sharing this service with the public.  I hope that it will be received in a loving way because I have seen firsthand how well it can help and benefit animals AND people.

My last assignment before I graduate is to perform a healing for at least three animals and obtain feedback.  I wanted to open this up to at least 10 people so that I may get the proper practice I feel I need to better my skills.   I am hoping to work with animals of ALL types, so if you work at a rescue, animal sanctuary, a zoo, a wildlife rehabilitation center, or anywhere else, and you'd like a FREE healing for any of the animals in your care, please email me directly at  Cats and dogs are welcome too :-)

This is absolutely free.  All I ask for is honest feedback and a positive attitude.  I can perform this service from a distance, so we can communicate through email or Skype.  It's entirely up to you.  And if you live in the Kaiserslautern, Germany area, I would love to meet with you in person!  This is an amazing opportunity to have the chance to experience the incredible benefits of energy healing first hand without having to spend a dime.  And I would be eternally grateful to you for helping me earn my certification, as well as being so trusting and allowing me to help your animal.

Please email me asap at to get started.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Self Protection Tips

It's funny, I never really put much thought into protecting myself (or anyone else) psychically until I encountered a negative spirit.  It took that rude awakening of being shoved down the stairs to put things into perspective and wise up to the fact that protecting oneself isn't silly or a sign of weakness. On the contrary, everyone would benefit greatly from building a little bubble of protection around themselves, and I will tell you why.

It doesn't just protect you from spirits, it protects you from so many other things, too!

Building a protection bubble or wall or whatever will protect you from other people's negative energy.  It protects you from absorbing negative energy that is all around you.  When someone goes off on you just because they're having a bad day, your coworker dumps their emotional baggage right on your lap, or your toddler has a major meltdown in the middle of Target, you will be protected from absorbing the all that released unnecessary energy that will in turn cause your emotions to take a downward spiral.

Protection bubbles will also protect your physical health, as well.  So many people, who have no clue that they are empaths, are accidentally absorbing all of that energy around them.  As a result, these people develop debilitating ailments such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and severe anxiety.  By protecting yourself, you are helping to decrease your chances of developing some really unpleasant ailments.

Unfortunately, I have always had a rough time explaining exactly how to build a protection bubble.  People ask me all the time, and I am just over here stumbling on words and working tirelessly to build a good picture via text for my friends, family, and clients.  Then one day, I was browsing Pinterest and found this amazing photo.  It literally put into words and pictures what I was trying to convey, and I thought to myself "FINALLY!"  and also, "I need to blog about this!"

So here we are.  This is the awesome photo (pictured below) you may use to help you protect yourself from all of that negative energy floating around the world and in your own personal universe.  Use it often and trust that it has your back, because it really does.  Mine has yet to let me down.  And thank goodness for that!

Thank you for reading my blog.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Kellar Labyrinth in Oppenheim, Germany


I visited a beautiful little town called Oppenheim, in Germany, last July.  It's main attraction was the Kellar Labyrinth, which is an underground tunnel system that dates back to the 1600's (if not earlier).  I can't even begin to accurately explain the history this tunnel system has experienced, but it's safe to say that it is rich and plentiful.  It even has been suggested that the Labyrinth was used in WWII to help people escape.  I also learned that the tunnel leads all the way to Burgruine Landskron (an amazing castle that towers over Oppenheim).  

Naturally, I had to visit this place, and before I even stepped through the entryway and carefully made my way down the steep staircase that led underground, I knew I was in for something special.  The entire place vibrated with energy.  Old, old energy and even fairly new spirits were cohabiting in this tunnel.  I took many deep breaths as I placed one foot in front of the other and descended further underground.

The "hallways" were narrow and dark and to me, they felt SO heavy.  I felt like I was trying to walk through water.  I almost lifted my arms to make the swimming motion you would naturally do when under water.  I didn't even know how to walk through it.  I was glad it was so dark because I know I looked confused, disoriented, and was walking oddly.  But I kept going.

The tour guide was speaking, telling us about the history of the Labyrinth and I couldn't even pay attention.  I was floored at how many spirits were around us.  In the top photo, you can't see them, but spirits lined that entire right side wall.  When I made my way through that particular area, I walked sideways in a weird attempt to avoid touching them.

A few times, a curious male spirit reached up to touch my hair, carefully grab my arm, and lean down and look me in the face.  I mean, how do you stay totally calm in a claustrophobic underground tunnel with hundreds of spirits so close to you?  It was bizarre and stressful.

My friend E. was with me and she was patient and understanding as she saw me struggling and trying to act normal.  I would whisper to her what I saw and she was such a great sport.  She took it all in stride.  She was truly the best travel companion I could ask for that day.  At one point, I told her that there had to be bones or something there to explain why so many were stuck down here.  Not long after saying that, my suspicions were confirmed.

In one room of the Labyrinth, there was a glass case full of artifacts found inside the tunnel system.  A few of those artifacts were human bones, including a jawbone and teeth belonging to a person.  As I looked down at those bones, I felt goosebumps and turned around to see another man standing right behind me, looking down at his own teeth.  He was gaunt, and ill looking. He was hunched over and his eyes were sunken in.  He looked to be about 40 and his hair had come out in clumps.  He was so sad.  I knew because a piece of him was in that glass case, he was unable to fully cross over.  I hated not being able to help him.

Room after room, tunnel after tunnel, we walked and explored, and more and more spirits were waiting to size us all up.  I assume there weren't many others in our tour group that could see what I was seeing, and that was probably a good thing.  These spirits were scary.  They weren't aggressive, but they were what you would expect to see in horror movies like The Ring or some other scary movie.  They gave me major anxiety and chills.

I tried relentlessly to take their picture, to capture anything on film.  I wasn't surprised to find that I couldn't get a good photo of a spirit, but I was frustrated to see that 95% of the photos I took were so blurry and distorted that you couldn't make out what was even in the photo.  I know it was the energy of the spirits that caused that, and that was a good confirmation for myself.  The bottom photos were the only two photos that turned out.  I still think the place looks creepy, and I still get chills looking at them.  Other than Waverly Hills Sanatorium, I have never been in a building full of so many spirits.  I think because I was stuck with them in such narrow tunnels I was more anxious than I've ever been.  I felt trapped and there was no way out.  Not to mention, they seemed to enjoy reaching out and touching me and the others.

An hour later I was finally outside and in the fresh air.  It took me awhile to rid myself of the anxiety and to stop shaking.  It's intense to experience that many spirits at one time, but I tend to become slightly addicted to the feeling.  It's almost like an adrenaline rush.  I am already planning a trip back to visit those spirits this summer.  Does that make me weird?  YUP!  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  Who knows, maybe I will have the chance to cross some of them over and lighten the energy in that ancient tunnel.

Thank you for reading my blog.