Sunday, February 19, 2017

Animal Healing

Given what I do, I try to keep an open mind about all things "woo."  Despite that I have always had a hard time fully believing in energy healing.  I know, I know, that sounds super judgy and hypocritical since I am constantly communicating with energetic beings, but actual healing through energy seemed a little out there.  It was simply something I needed to see to believe.

About four or five years ago I began believing in the effects of energy healing, especially when it came to animals.  I was actively volunteering at two dog and cat shelters and a farm animal sanctuary.  During my time at those places I would have these strange energy exchanges with the animals and I would see their demeanor change.  They would visibly relax after spending days shaking and being in fear.  It was wild, but it helped me to believe more in the whole energy healing thing.

I have always, always had this really special bond with animals.  Growing up I would sit quietly with animals and silently communicate with them.  I would touch them and visualize my hand transferring some sort of soothing, calming, and healing medicine of sorts, and oddly, it worked.  I also knew that I had a very strong bond and connection with animals when I began noticing dogs staring me down and basically willing me to look at them.  And when I would finally look at them, I could feel their feelings, hear their thoughts, and we would communicate in this strange, unexplainable way.  I couldn't ever really articulate what I was experiencing for fear of looking crazy, so I would stay silent about these instances.

But when I began actively working with animals in the rescue setting, I started putting my "skills" to work.  I practiced with animals all the time.  I would communicate with them, hear what they had to say, and then I would place my hands on them to sense what ails them.  I would then picture this beautiful white light coming out of my hands and heart and begin directing it towards the animal.  Every time I did this I would see results, and that further helped to make me a believer.

I knew (and finally truly believed that) I was an animal healer.

I was starting to be open about what I could do for the first time those few years ago, and people were receptive to that.  I helped a cat with seizures, I helped dogs with anxiety, I worked with chameleons and rodents, and most notably, I helped heal an injured turkey who was expected to be put down within a week.  I sat with her each time I was able to and communicated with her, sent healing energy to her, and just loved her.  And within no time she stood up and began improving.  It was amazing.

Unfortunately, because of my spiritual work, I allowed my animal healing work to be less of a priority.  That is, until recently.  I have been dreaming about healing animals constantly.  In my dreams I am healing animals of all kinds.  Deceased animals, living animals, wildlife, you name it.  Some nights I spend all night doing this, and I wake up so inspired.  I never want to stop!  Recently, my deceased grandfather keeps sending me messages through other psychics (and in my dreams) encouraging me to be an animal healer and to really work hard to normalize it to the public while dedicating my life to helping heal animals in this unique way.  Because of that I decided to enroll in an animal energy healing certification course, and I couldn't be happier with that choice.  I've also begun writing guest blogs for other animal sites to help educate others on proper exotic animal care, and also inspire others to take an active role in helping animals in need.  I am truly following my calling.

I feel like I have blossomed and transformed into the person I was meant to be.  I've learned so much about myself and about energy healing.  I decided to take the proper steps to become a Reiki Master, and graduated with that certification in January.  EEK!  How cool is that??  I also have a few weeks left in my animal healing course and am so excited to begin sharing this service with the public.  I hope that it will be received in a loving way because I have seen firsthand how well it can help and benefit animals AND people.

My last assignment before I graduate is to perform a healing for at least three animals and obtain feedback.  I wanted to open this up to at least 10 people so that I may get the proper practice I feel I need to better my skills.   I am hoping to work with animals of ALL types, so if you work at a rescue, animal sanctuary, a zoo, a wildlife rehabilitation center, or anywhere else, and you'd like a FREE healing for any of the animals in your care, please email me directly at  Cats and dogs are welcome too :-)

This is absolutely free.  All I ask for is honest feedback and a positive attitude.  I can perform this service from a distance, so we can communicate through email or Skype.  It's entirely up to you.  And if you live in the Kaiserslautern, Germany area, I would love to meet with you in person!  This is an amazing opportunity to have the chance to experience the incredible benefits of energy healing first hand without having to spend a dime.  And I would be eternally grateful to you for helping me earn my certification, as well as being so trusting and allowing me to help your animal.

Please email me asap at to get started.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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