Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Kellar Labyrinth in Oppenheim, Germany


I visited a beautiful little town called Oppenheim, in Germany, last July.  It's main attraction was the Kellar Labyrinth, which is an underground tunnel system that dates back to the 1600's (if not earlier).  I can't even begin to accurately explain the history this tunnel system has experienced, but it's safe to say that it is rich and plentiful.  It even has been suggested that the Labyrinth was used in WWII to help people escape.  I also learned that the tunnel leads all the way to Burgruine Landskron (an amazing castle that towers over Oppenheim).  

Naturally, I had to visit this place, and before I even stepped through the entryway and carefully made my way down the steep staircase that led underground, I knew I was in for something special.  The entire place vibrated with energy.  Old, old energy and even fairly new spirits were cohabiting in this tunnel.  I took many deep breaths as I placed one foot in front of the other and descended further underground.

The "hallways" were narrow and dark and to me, they felt SO heavy.  I felt like I was trying to walk through water.  I almost lifted my arms to make the swimming motion you would naturally do when under water.  I didn't even know how to walk through it.  I was glad it was so dark because I know I looked confused, disoriented, and was walking oddly.  But I kept going.

The tour guide was speaking, telling us about the history of the Labyrinth and I couldn't even pay attention.  I was floored at how many spirits were around us.  In the top photo, you can't see them, but spirits lined that entire right side wall.  When I made my way through that particular area, I walked sideways in a weird attempt to avoid touching them.

A few times, a curious male spirit reached up to touch my hair, carefully grab my arm, and lean down and look me in the face.  I mean, how do you stay totally calm in a claustrophobic underground tunnel with hundreds of spirits so close to you?  It was bizarre and stressful.

My friend E. was with me and she was patient and understanding as she saw me struggling and trying to act normal.  I would whisper to her what I saw and she was such a great sport.  She took it all in stride.  She was truly the best travel companion I could ask for that day.  At one point, I told her that there had to be bones or something there to explain why so many were stuck down here.  Not long after saying that, my suspicions were confirmed.

In one room of the Labyrinth, there was a glass case full of artifacts found inside the tunnel system.  A few of those artifacts were human bones, including a jawbone and teeth belonging to a person.  As I looked down at those bones, I felt goosebumps and turned around to see another man standing right behind me, looking down at his own teeth.  He was gaunt, and ill looking. He was hunched over and his eyes were sunken in.  He looked to be about 40 and his hair had come out in clumps.  He was so sad.  I knew because a piece of him was in that glass case, he was unable to fully cross over.  I hated not being able to help him.

Room after room, tunnel after tunnel, we walked and explored, and more and more spirits were waiting to size us all up.  I assume there weren't many others in our tour group that could see what I was seeing, and that was probably a good thing.  These spirits were scary.  They weren't aggressive, but they were what you would expect to see in horror movies like The Ring or some other scary movie.  They gave me major anxiety and chills.

I tried relentlessly to take their picture, to capture anything on film.  I wasn't surprised to find that I couldn't get a good photo of a spirit, but I was frustrated to see that 95% of the photos I took were so blurry and distorted that you couldn't make out what was even in the photo.  I know it was the energy of the spirits that caused that, and that was a good confirmation for myself.  The bottom photos were the only two photos that turned out.  I still think the place looks creepy, and I still get chills looking at them.  Other than Waverly Hills Sanatorium, I have never been in a building full of so many spirits.  I think because I was stuck with them in such narrow tunnels I was more anxious than I've ever been.  I felt trapped and there was no way out.  Not to mention, they seemed to enjoy reaching out and touching me and the others.

An hour later I was finally outside and in the fresh air.  It took me awhile to rid myself of the anxiety and to stop shaking.  It's intense to experience that many spirits at one time, but I tend to become slightly addicted to the feeling.  It's almost like an adrenaline rush.  I am already planning a trip back to visit those spirits this summer.  Does that make me weird?  YUP!  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  Who knows, maybe I will have the chance to cross some of them over and lighten the energy in that ancient tunnel.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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