Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Haunted Hospital

I am not a hospital fan.  I think most people would rather not end up in the hospital, and I am one of those people.  I have been blessed with awesome genetics that cause me to constantly develop kidney stones.  (You can't detect my sarcasm, but believe me it's there.)  Most of the time I try my hardest to pass my monthly stones in the comfort of my own home.  Unfortunately, that isn't always possible and I will begrudgingly go to the hospital.  Hospitals are unpleasant enough, but when you add a crap ton of ghosts to the mix, it can be downright miserable.

Here's the thing, I have yet to see a hospital that isn't haunted.  A lot of the spirits in hospitals are actually residual haunts where there is no intelligence behind them.  They are just imprints of a spirit's energy.  The rest are your standard type of ghosts.  The problem with hospitals, that a lot of people don't realize, are that they often have a mental health wing which can result in a mentally unstable ghost.  These ghosts are deranged, violent, aggressive, and not compassionate at all.  Not a good mix.  In my hometown in Kentucky there's a hospital called Hardin Memorial Hospital.  That hospital houses some of the most mentally unstable ghosts I've ever met, and I am oddly drawn to them.  I am just so fascinated by them!  I hope to one day have the opportunity to cross them over so that they all may be at peace once and for all.

This past week I ended up in the emergency room at the local hospital in Germany due to the two kidney stone attacks I was having at the same time.  Ouch, I know.   I've been to this hospital many times for various reasons so I am well acquainted with the spirits that reside there.  None of them are particularly scary, thankfully, but I would still rather not be bothered when I am in the midst of all that pain.  When I was finally taken back to a room I started to notice the many spirits living in the ER department walking around.  Some were pacing the halls and looking in on each patient.  Others enjoyed following the hospital staff around.  A few seemed to enjoy moving objects in an attempt to drive the staff crazy.  And then there were two that were a tad creepy and mischievous.  I was lucky enough to encounter one of those spirits personally.

I was resting on a bed with my purse on the floor next to me.  The spirit I saw was so clear and powerful that when he came crawling on all fours toward my purse I immediately reacted by jumping down and grabbing my bag.  I didn't even use my rational mind to think "He can't actually take my purse!"  Instead, my reflexes kicked in and I snatched my purse up before he could.  He sat there crouched on the ground staring up at me.  He sneered at me and breathed heavily and noisily.  Eventually he got tired of me and crawled away.  I got back in the bed and waited for the doctor to come.

Eventually the doctor came in and asked me if I would like an IV with pain medication.  I didn't even hesitate.  My answer was a firm no.  He looked at me confused and I used the excuse of driving myself to the hospital, which was true.  Obviously, my husband would have come and got me if I wanted the IV meds, but that's not why I refused.  I did not want my walls to come crashing down in the middle of that hospital.   I do not drink alcohol for the same reason.  If I am super relaxed and slightly (or extremely) inebriated, I do not have as much control keeping spirits from bothering me.  I become ten times more open and I will find myself surrounded by ten spirits all yelling in my face demanding attention.  That was the last thing I needed.  Not to mention, if I was high on drugs, I may not be as poker faced around other people while those spirits are near me.  I could end up admitted in the psych ward for having conversations with people that don't appear to be there.

So I sucked it up, waited impatiently to be released with my bottle of pain meds, and hightailed it out of there.  By that time it was dark and pretty late at night.  The empty halls were eerily quiet, and as I walked through them I would see spirits walking by, peeking out of doorways, and disappearing through walls.  Most of the time I find a spirit's presence soothing, but in hospitals I find them sad and bothersome.  

I don't really know for sure why hospitals tend to be haunted, but I can only guess that it's due to the high volume of deaths that happen there.  Sometimes when a person dies, they don't realize it.  And then when they experience a bright white light in front of them they can often confuse it with just a bright hospital light.  They get confused, disoriented, and refuse to cross over.  The result is an unhappy ghost roaming a hospital for a very long time.  Sometimes they eventually leave, sometimes they don't.  

Whenever I hear someone talk about haunted hospitals and have stories of seeing ghosts in one, I can't help but nod enthusiastically.  It's nice to know that others people feel it too.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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