Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Native American Sleeping Doll

I was gifted this beautiful Native American sleeping doll when I was maybe nine or ten years old.  My grandmother lives in Arizona and she had the same doll, along with the male version, and I became obsessed with them.  I begged and begged for a doll of my own and my grandmother came through for me.  I received this doll and have kept her for over 20 years.  She's traveled with me all over the world and I have never been able to part with her.  I doubt I ever will.

Since I got my first apartment I have kept this doll safely stored away in a box.  I would occasionally get her out and look at her, but I always wrapped her back up and placed her back in the box for safe keeping.  When I moved to Germany I felt the need to put her out in my office.  Within a week one of my cats (Lubie passed away this January) started gnawing on her hair and outfit so I put her back up.

That was a year ago.

Last Monday I had a dream about her.  I saw the doll and then a strange spirit near her.  They were both pulling me to them.  I then saw my deceased grandfather and he smiled at me and encouraged me to get the doll out of storage.  I woke up that morning and went straight down to the basement to get the doll out.  I noticed her stuffing was coming out and her hair was a mess.   I heard "Clean her up" and I decided to do just that.

I re-stuffed her body, sewed up all the holes that had formed, and painstakingly brushed out her hair and gave her fresh braids.  She looked as good as new and she gave off the most wonderful energy.  I realized at that moment that there was a spirit connected with her.  This spirit has been with her this whole time and I never paid attention and realized it.  This spirit wasn't an actual person but more of a nature spirit.  I can't quite describe the appearance of a nature spirit because they seem to shift in appearance constantly.  I mostly see them as colors, trees, plants, flowers, and the sky and ground.  I receive a constant stream of images of nature when I see a nature spirit and I always hear birds chirping.  This nature spirit has brought me blessings my entire life and I had no idea.  I felt so foolish for not figuring that out until now, but I am glad that I finally realized what was happening.

I have kept her on my bed in my office since and I keep coming to her.  I pick her up sometimes.  I walk by and smile, and I just feel so loved and inspired.  As you can see, my cat loves her too.

Two nights after patching up this doll I had the urge to look up the male version of this doll on Etsy and eBay.  I found one on eBay and oddly the auction was closing in 30 minutes.  The starting bid price was $1.99.  I knew I had to bid on him.  I had such strong feelings about this doll that I felt that there must be a spirit attached to him that needs my help.  When that 30 minutes was up, he was mine for the awesome price of $1.99.  That night, when I got in bed, I saw a beautiful Native American boy standing at the end of my bed.  He gave off an extremely strong energy that made me feel loved, safe, and grateful.  He smiled at me and said two words: "Thank You"  
I knew that getting him was meant to be.

I feel deep down in my heart that something is going to happen when these two dolls are together.  I strongly believe that I will learn something life altering. As of today,  I have yet to figure out why I am being drawn to these two dolls, what they wish to tell me/teach me, and what I am to do next.  All I know is that they have something special in store for me and I cannot wait to find out what it is.  
I will keep you posted.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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