Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Prison Cell at Burg Meersburg

It's quiz time!

Take a look at the above photo, close your eyes, and see what you pick up on.  How many spirits did you sense?  Are they all similar?  Do any stand out?

Connecting with a building before walking into it is one of my favorite things to do.  I like to be a little prepared.  So I do that exact thing with closing my eyes and reaching out my "spidey senses" to see who, or what, I pick up on.  Sometimes I see a lot.  Other times, I get nothing. 
 No experience is ever the same.

With Burg Meersburg, I picked up on over 50 spirits.  50!!  How crazy is that?!  And none of them were really similar.  The one that stood out the most was this beautiful elderly monk.  I've been to this castle twice and I saw this man both times.  He spends his days gazing peacefully out the windows that overlook Lake Constance.  And if you're lucky, he will touch you and bless you.  The first time I visited this place, he stood next to me for quite a while as I peered out an open window.
  I just adored him.

But that's not who I want to talk about today.

Out of all those spirits, one stood out above the rest.  He happened to be located in a tiny prison cell deep within the immense castle.  My mom, nephew, son, and I were touring the castle, and the tour guide took us into a tiny room.  She explained that it was a prison cell, and I remember raising my eyebrows and smiling in excitement as I walked through the doorway into the little room.  I mean, when I hear prison cell, I immediately think "Spirit!"  How could it not be haunted?

So in I walk, and the whole group of us cram ourselves into the room.  The guide starts speaking in German, providing a rough outline of history associated with the room.  I had no choice but to tune her out.  I was instantly distracted by the spirit next to me.  

This was my view, standing in that room:

I immediately became extremely dizzy and disoriented.  My ears started ringing, my vision blurred, and I couldn't hold myself up.  I had to lean heavily on the wall behind me as I waited for the confusion and dizziness to pass.  To my left, right next to the table in the 3rd photo, there was a male spirit standing next to me.  His body was touching mine, and he was causing me to become extremely ill and uncomfortable.  

He had short, disheveled hair, a dirty face, dirty clothes, and ripped pants.  He had no shoes on.  He didn't say a single word to me.  Instead, he imposed his overwhelming energy on to me, and looked me right in the eyes.  It was as if he was assessing my reaction and sizing me up.  He didn't smile.  He was intense and serious, and seemed unsure of what to think of me.

I stood there, pressed against the wall, trying not to fall or say something stupid out loud.  This man got my attention in a very bold way, and I knew he was stuck there.  But when I mentally asked him if he wanted my help, he responded with a very clear "NO."

Ok then.

I didn't help him.  He continued staring at me for another minute and then seemed to grow tired of me.  He pulled back his energetic influence, and walked toward the single window next to him.  As the group began walking out of the room, I hung back for a moment.  I stood there looking at his back, wondering what to do next. Eventually, I turned around and walked out the door. 

Sometimes you just have to leave them in peace.  I believe that was what he truly wanted, even though I didn't understand it.

Walking down the hall, my mom stepped in line next to me and said "Did you feel that?  In that prison room?  It was intense!"  To which I responded, "Yes.  It definitely was."

Thank you for reading my blog.

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